Brinton Boot

Bespoke oxford boots are a style we make often, as they are popular with our wonderful customers. However, they come in all shapes and sizes, and, in this case leathers

The Brinton Boot is a very classic oxford boot, straight cap, counter, finger tug etc. However, the leather is rare and absolutely beautiful. We do not make many croc shoes, it is not to everyone’s taste, but whether you would wear them or not, you must admit they are spectacular!

We made them for an Australian customer of ours who has a penchant for the bold, and the Brinton is no exception. He will be noticed, no doubt about that.

What is gives croc boots their elevated price tag is the fact that when you are closing the uppers, you need to buy at least two skins. Why is that? The answer is simple – you need to match the scales on the right and the left because if you didn’t, the shoes woulod look peculiar and unbalanced. Our closer has done a brilliant job of scale matching on this pair. Additionally, with a pair of boots of this size, we had to buy four skins to be able to scale match. On the plus side, we have four croc tails which we can make into belts.

UPPERS: Chocolate brown crocodile; hand stitched stay stitch on the facings; finger tug at the back

LINING: Espresso glace kid

MAKING: standard heel height; 5/16″ sole; hand stitched welt; inked brown finish throughout; stacked leather heel; hand finished

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