Lavington Derby Boot

Custom derby boots, are an absolute staple of a man’s wardrobe for a good reason. They are stylish, flexible and easy to get on and off (more and more important as you get older). And the Lavington does not disappoint

The customer asked for an “everyday” boot, something he could wear to work and also at the weekend. A real workhorse, if you like. So a derby boot was the obvious choice

We started by looking at leathers. Luckily he is a fan of the warmth and depth of colour of our Tempesti veg tanned range and he chose Papaya, a rich, dark chestnut. Once the leather was locked in, the erst fell into place. He wanted that classic brogued straight cap and counter combination. But we played a little with the style lines and the punching. We especially like the tab on the facings that allows for the row of brogueing to be on the “wrong” pattern piece.

We also played with the punching up the counter which gives the boots a pleasing curve when you look from the back.

In addition, the thickness of the leather (2 to 2.2mm) gives the punching a very satisfying depth

I love therse boots and I am going to make myself a pair!

UPPERS: Papaya Tempesti Elbamatt veg tanned calf; hand blocked vamps; counter; 2:1 punching, straight cap; 4 lace holes; hand stay stitch; seamed tongue

LINING: Straw veg tanned calf skin

MAKING: standard heel height; 3/8″ sole; hand stitched welt; stacked leather heel; welted seat; hand finished heels and edges; natural finish throughout; 10 SPI; commando sticker sole; commando heel top piece

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