Nelson Derby Shoe

A bespoke derby shoe is always a fine choice and the Nelson is no exception. The derby shoe is beloved by bespoke connoisseurs for its flexibilty and its ability to adapt to every circumstance. We made this pair for a long-standing customer who is a retired professor from Cambridge. He leads an active life which involves a lot of walking. However his feet are a little troublesome and give him pain so we added a very cushioned footbed and some subtle padding elsewhere to provide him with a pair of robust shoes that will serve him well for many years to come. But above all, they will also carry him in comfort and style.

The galosh derby is a particular favourite of ours. We love the line of the galosh up the side of the shoe and, in particular, the junction of the galosh and the facings which is satisfyingly neat. We added a nice tab detail on the backseam to make these derbies pleasingly idiosyncratic.

The upper leather is Tempesti Elbamatt Papaya which is a veg tanned calf from Tuscany. It is a durable leather but also has a soft handle which is why we really love Tempesti leathers. The Dainite sticker sole adds a thick barrier between the customer’s feet and the wet ground. It also adds a firm grip to prevent slipping.

The customer chose to have the optional bespoke trees.

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UPPERS: Tempesti Elbamatt Papaya veg tanned calf; galosh vamp; tab backseam detail; stay stitch; blind eyelets; padding in the forepart

LINING: Straw veg tanned calf; padded footbed/sock

MAKING: standard heel height; 3/8″ sole; welted seat; hand built leather heel; dainite rubber sticker sole; dainite rubber top piece natural finish all over

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