Buckland Trainers


Buckland trainers neatly sum up what Bespoke Manufactured is all about – bespoke shoe making for modern lifestyles.

With their retro styling, Bucklands are quietly luxurious – created in supple veg tanned calf leather to be superbly soft, with a cushioned leather interior and comfortable, lightweight rubber sole – designed to be worn all day.

The Buckland is hand lasted on a specialist bespoke trainer last with a low heel and rounded toe; and the foxing (the leather strip around the shoe) is hand stitched in place before the cushioned, lightweight, rubber sole is fitted by our expert manufacturer.

It has a fully repairable sole and will effortlessly match the longevity of your other bespoke shoes.

How Flexible is the Buckland?


  • In Snow, Tawny and Raven veg tanned calf leather with black or natural leather foxing (or in a leather of your choice)
  • A choice of metallic, kid or suede flashes
  • Comfortable, cushioned and breathable
  • Durable, lightweight sole
  • Repairable

For Carreducker bespoke customers, we will make a new bespoke trainer last from your existing measures, so no further fitting or measurement is needed (unless you would like one of course).

If you are a new Carreducker bespoke customer, please include the option for LASTS at checkout (£660) and we will contact you to make an appointment to take your measurements or to send you an At-Home measuring kit.

And do please contact us if you have any questions or would like to explore other leathers or colourways.

(Please note that shoe trees are optional in the Bespoke Manufactured range).


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